421a Filing, HPD Marketing, Lottery & Lease-up, with CompliBuddy Software.

Does my development qualify? I’m a renter, do I qualify?

As 421a experts, we offer advisory services for the new 421a Tax Abatement. City5 Consulting is the most trusted real estate consulting firm for tax abatement filings, marketing of affordable units, lottery & lease-up, as well as HPD Monitoring Compliance.

421a Tax Abatement

The New 421a offers an enhanced 35 year benefit program.

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J51 Tax Abatement

The J51 Tax Program is for rehabilitation or conversion to multiple dwellings.

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ICAP Tax Abatement

The ICAP Program is for industrial and commercial buildings.

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HPD Affordable Housing Marketing

Developers must follow HPD marketing & tenant selection procedures.

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Lottery, Applicant Evaluation & Lease-up

Applicant evaluation, post lottery is highly regulated and complex.

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HPD Monitoring Compliance

Properties which receive 421a benefits must demonstrate HPD compliance.

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Applicant Eligibility

Approximately 90% of applicants for 130% AMI projects are ineligible. CompliBuddy identifies such conditions and automates required notices to applicants.

Project Management & Reporting

Swift applicant eligibility processes post lottery and workflow automation to ensure compliance with HPD regulations, combined with real time reporting of statistics developers want to know.

Applicant Document Collection

Document requirements for applicants are extensive. CompliBuddy provides applicants a login to view document requests, upload documents, and be alerted of missing documents.

HPD Compliance Reporting

HPD requires frequent audits from approved marketing agents. CompliBuddy provides one-click reporting in specified formats to ensure quick HPD Compliance approvals.

New 421a Tax Abatement

Developers are required to start the 421a application processes with HPD at a minumum nine months before the anticipated Certificate of Occupancy issuance. However, most seasoned developers understand the benefits of taking tax incentive programs and regulations into consideration in the early stages of architectural plans.

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