Tenant Friendly Housing Lottery Guidelines

affordable housing lottery guideline

HPD recently published new affordable housing lottery guideline demonstrating tenant friendly changes in the lottery process.

Challenges in the lottery process

While tenants can apply to as many as housing lotteries they want for free, the applicant and lottery process is far from hassle-free. First of all, the housing lottery can be a very confusing process to most people who don’t have time to go through 70+ pages of HPD Marketing Handbook. Also, tenants need to spend considerable time and energy on preparing documentation and filling out applications. Difficult lottery process prevented many qualifying tenants to actually follow through. Hence, a more inclusive process is provided in the affordable housing lottery guideline.

Improvements on the lottery process

According to summary of major changes to the lottery process, the tenant friendly guideline focused on three aspects. First of all, new process reduced the required amount of paperwork. Second, the eligibility guidelines has become more clear and easier to understand. Lastly, projects can not reject applicants based solely on previous debt and poor credit history.

Rentability by City5 is a great source for people interested in finding out more about their eligibility to affordable housing and apply for current open lotteries.